Refugee Sponsorship

Notice to the public

2019 Refugee Sponsorship Program

Please note that moving forward a board committee has been set to support our Sponsorship Program. This board committee is comprised of the following people:

-Huma Tahir, Chair of the Board of Directors

-Pamo Azorbo, Treasurer

-Alma Gjinishi, Secretary

Additionally, Northwood Neighbourhood Services’ 2019 Sponsorship Program will be run by a committee of 4 people as follows:

-François Yabit, Executive Director

-Blanca Alvarez, Settlement Counsellor

-Mohamed Forsa, Settlement Counsellor

-Iman Sharifabow, Settlement/Sponsorship Intake Worker

Any correspondence related to the program should be directed to:

Furthermore, based on the number of spots (200) afforded to us by the Ministry of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC), and lessons learned from the online registration of May 01, 2019, the committee has decided to proceed with a draw system. To enter the draw, just the following basic information will be needed.

A) Information about the Co-sponsor in Canada

1)First and Last Name

2)Home Address


4)Telephone Number

B) Information about the individual or family to sponsor

1)First and Last Name

2)Country of Origin

3)Country Residence

4)Status in the Country of Residence (MUST BE CONVENTION REFUGEE)

5)Size of the Family: (example: Unmarried single man with no children = 1. A couple with 3 children, all under 22 and not married = 5)

In order to avoid any intermediation, please drop your completed form, in person, in the drawing box at Northwood Neighbourhood Services between today Monday June 10 and Friday June 14, 2019. A co-sponsor can only sponsor one family or one individual. Before June end, a date will be set for a public draw of the 200 spots.

Thank you so much for your understanding.

NNS Refugee Sponsorship Team