Settlement Program

Newcomer Settlement Program (NSP)

The goal of our Newcomer Settlement Program (NSP) and Refugee Settlement and Integration Program is to facilitate the social and economic integration of newcomers and refugees to Ontario. The ultimate outcome of the program is to help newcomers and refugee become fully engaged in all aspects of Canadian life – social, political, etc.

Some of the services provided under the Settlement Program include:

• Needs assessment and service planning: Conduct in-depth, holistic assessment of an individual or family’s needs, capacities and goals. This includes developing a plan with client(s) to address both short and longer-term objectives.

• Assistance with settlement-related issues: Support newcomer immigrants and refugees to overcome settlement and transition challenges, and navigate immigration processes.

• Supportive counselling: Offer emotional support and mentoring, identify signs of emotional distress, and advise clients to speak to their primary care physician about any mental health struggles.

• Social integration: Connect clients to relevant opportunities for developing social connections, such as support groups, cultural and recreational activities, volunteer opportunities and professional networks.

• Employment: Assist newcomer immigrants and refugees with such matters as job readiness skills, writing résumés and cover letters, facilitation of employment workshops in partnership with other community agencies funded by Employment Ontario, etc.

• Housing: Assist newcomer immigrants and refugees in finding affordable housing; facilitate a hosing group session in partnership with other organizations such as Jane Finch Community Legal Clinic and COSTI Immigrant Services

• Case management: Provide intensive case management, including home visits and accompaniment to key appointments or community events as necessary.

• Conflict resolution: Assist privately sponsored refugees to address conflicts or misunderstandings that may arise in the relationship with their sponsorship group.

• Service coordination: Partner with other service providers to respond effectively to newcomer and community needs. Such partnership include the Toronto West Local Immigration Partnership, Ontario Council of Agencies Serving Immigrants, etc.

• Family reunification: Assist refugees with exploring relevant options for family reunification, and completing the appropriate application forms. Translate documents as required.

• Interpretation/ Translation Services: We escort newcomer clients and refugees to various service and provide interpretation/ translation as well as advocacy.

• Facilitation of access to services through form filling. These include:
✔ Application for Canada Child Benefit
✔ Ontario Health Insurance Program (OHIP)
✔ Ontario Disability Support Program
✔ Application for Social Insurance
✔ Assistance with Citizenship application
✔ Assistance with Permanent Residence application
✔ Application for Permanent Resident Card.
✔ Canada Pension Plan – Old Age Security Program
✔ Application for Subsidized Housing – Housing Connections
✔ Assistance in filling out One Year Window (OYW) (A.k.a family reunification) forms

• Referral and service linking: Make referrals and service linkages to:

✔ Language training programs (LINC and ESL)
✔ Health care facilities for clinical/therapeutic counselling
✔ Educational institutions (colleges and Universities)
✔ Community services
✔ Toronto Employment and Social Services
✔ Toronto Parks and Recreation centres
✔ Immigration Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) sites
✔ Employment centres, etc.
• Information and orientation: Provide information about the types of services available to meet newcomer needs. We do this by delivering orientation sessions to help newcomers and refugees learn about key features of life in Canada. Some topics include:

✔ Education system
✔ Health and wellbeing
✔ Orientation to Ontario
✔ Employment/ Labour Market
✔ Housing
✔ Civic Engagement
✔ Financial literacy
✔ Immigration matters, etc.

• Follow-up: we do this on a regular basis to ensure that the services are meeting the needs of the client. As needed, this may include accompanying newcomer and refugees to various appointments, to allow for community-based assessment of needs for services.

Settlement support services are not limited to the above points. At Northwood, we pride ourselves for been a drop-in centre that provides a range of services that are newcomer centred. Beyond settlement support services, we also have Refugee Sponsorship, Child Parent, Seniors, Youth, Women’s and Dress for Success programs that is open for newcomers
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