I first came to Northwood Neighborhood Services to apply for a volunteer position. I had only been in Canada for three months and I was lost in this huge city. As a volunteer I receive orientation to all of the programs and services that Northwood had available and I became a client. Through Northwood, I was able to access information and services about employment, education, training and housing. I attended the women’s group and met other newcomers, comparing experiences and making friends. Northwood is a resourceful place that guided me through the process of settling and they helped me to find my way around the city.  More importantly, Northwood provided me with a friendly and loving environment. I always felt like I belonged and I feel blessed to have so many caring people who were always there to give advice, answer questions and provide support.

Aziza Abdelwase


I drive 15 minutes every morning to come to the program and it is worth it.  My two boys look forward to coming to the centre.  My four year old son enjoys the school readiness program. From the parent to the children, all the people here are amazing.  To the instructors, teachers and helpers, thank you very much for your open arms and for the smiles we receive every morning.

H. Hassan.


I attend the Albanian Seniors Program at NNS.  I have many illnesses, but on Mondays I feel as if I am healed because that is the day where we laugh and play, sing and dance, learn and exercise.  We tell jokes and have someone to listen to us.  I appreciate the chance to socialize and make new friends.  We feel young again by being here.  Thanks to all Northwood staff and our Program Coordinator for all you do for us.

Luiza Hoxhe